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5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Nails:

Drink Water

Our nails as well as skin need hydration therefore it is important to drink not less than 2 litres of water every day.  Properly hydrated nails would never split and no doubt make them stronger and healthier.

Eat Vegetable Protein

Strengthen your nails by eating vegetable protein that is contained in beans.  Try to eat a lot of beans and watch your nails become stronger; moreover vegetable protein is a great remedy for glossy hair as well as for general well-being.

Moisturize your Nails

Besides hydrating your nails ‘on the inside’, it is essential to use moisturizing creams or lotions.  Rub it into your nails several times per day to give them proper hydration.  The cheapest and therefore one of the most efficient remedy for nails moisturizing is solar Oil or Vaseline.  Try to apply it every time after washing your hands. 

Give your Nails Respite from Nail Polish

It is better to keep a nail polish applied to your nails no more than for 7 days running.  After wearing a nail polish it is necessary to give your nails a respite for a week or so. Remember the darker the polish the more dehydrating it is for the nail.

Apply Nail Strengtheners

Don’t neglect applying nail strengthening.  Moreover it is better to apply nail strengtheners before painting your nails.