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Waxing bumps do happen, and often look like a razor burn or just red, irritated skin. The simple truth is that everyone reacts differently to waxing, and although not pretty, a mild case can be considered a normal reaction.  The good news is there are steps you can take to lessen bumps or avoid them altogether.


Staying Clear of Waxing Bumps :

Exfoliate.   LIGHTLY exfoliate skin before waxing, even if it’s just a mild shower gel and washcloth.  This helps rid the follicle of oil and debris.  The waxing may bring this oil and debris to the surface, but now the skin is more vulnerable and can cause it to become irritated.

Apply some heat.  By taking a warm, not hot shower or bath, or applying a warm compress right before waxing will open up the skin’s pores and soften the skin, allowing the hair follicles to come out easier.  This not only helps with the pain factor, but helping prevent irritation from the wax pulling on the skin.

Fight the bump. Before waxing, apply a skin cleanser such as witch hazel or a pre waxing solution  to help them from appearing.  Continue to apply product 24 hours after waxing or according to the directions.  Hydrocortizone cream is another option that most people have in their cabinet which will help soothe irritation and any itchiness after waxing.

Try another wax. Hard wax works best in the bikini area by actually shrink wrapping the hair before removing it. And cream wax works wonders on the delicate facial skin.

Stick with it. Usually waxing bumps lessen over time as your skin adjusts if you continue to wax somewhat frequently.


Preparation to Prevent Pimples :

Rid dead skin cells.  Use a light exfoliator or wash cloth with warm water prior waxing to make sure all make-up and oil is removed from the skin.

Cleanse.  Ensure your technician uses pre-wax cleanser on the skin with anti-microbial properties.

Post Care to Prevent Pimples after Waxing:

Cleanse again.  Apply witch hazel, which has antiseptic properties with a cotton ball or square.

Don’t touch.  I’m sure you love the feeling of your smooth hair-free results, but it is now more susceptible to infection. After removing the hair follicle, fingers will put oil and bacteria on the skin.

Exfoliate again.  LIGHTLY exfoliate the next day, unless you’re red or tender.

Beware of your spa habits.  Stay away from pedicures if you had a leg wax, and saunas and whirlpool with any type of waxing for the next two days.  If you had body waxing, stick to a shower rather than a bath for the rest of the day.

Don't exercise.  Doing anything that is going to make you sweat a lot that day should be avoided.

Tight isn’t good.  Stay clear of tight clothing where you had the waxing for the next few days.

Don't even think of popping.  If you do get a pimple, resist the urge to pop it as this spreads the bacteria and can encourage more pimples.   Instead, apply a tiny bit of tea tree oil, or your other favourite pimple-killing product.


An ingrown after waxing happens when the hair grows back into the skin.  Most commonly it occurs in areas where there the hair is thick and/or curly, like on men or in the bikini line. 

The goal in waxing is to remove the entire hair from the follicle, but often it breaks either above or below the skin’s surface. So now instead of a new hair forming and growing back having a bevelled edge, it’s now blunt and sharp. A good example to turn to is shaving, as it often creates ingrown hairs because it leaves hair blunt from cutting it off.


What helps:

Exfoliate before and after.  LIGHTLY exfoliating with an ayate cloth or other mild exfoliator before ridding hair helps remove dead skin cells allowing a better and an easier wax.  LIGHTLY exfoliating a day after the wax and continuing to do so, a couple times a week depending on your skin type will help keep dead skin cells out of the follicle.  When the hair does start coming back, this helps it pointing up instead of going back into the skin.

Stay away from tight fitting clothes.   If you have gotten any type of body waxing then you want the skin to be able to 'breathe' so to speak, rather than be constricted.  Not only can tight clothes irritate freshly waxed areas, weeks later it can encourage the hair to grow back into the skin causing the ingrown hairs.

Stop them before they start.  Many products are created to help fight and prevent ingrown hairs before they appear, containing exfoliating and moisturizing properties. Preventing ingrown hairs after waxing before they appear is much easier than tackling the redness and bumps later on.  Apply the product for ingrown hair 48 hours after waxing once per day, or according to the product's directions. Most chemists sell products to prevent ingrown hairs.