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Emergency Nail Repair at Home:

Work with your professional nail technician to build a home-care kit that can carry you through those times you just can’t get to the salon for an immediate repair.

Items to keep on hand:

Polish remover

Brush-on nail glue

Base coat

Cuticle pusher

Cuticle nippers

Cuticle oil

Unused tea bag

Nail file


Fingernail clippers

Top coat


Hand lotion

Nail polish

Fine-grit nail buffer

Your professional nail technician will have other tips to help save your manicure. Ask which products they feel would be right specifically for you. They are a valuable source of guidance and can work with you to help grow your best nails ever.

Splitting and Peeling

Prevent splitting and peeling nails with regular use of the professional nail products your nail technician recommends.

Keeping nails polished and protecting them by wearing gloves when doing household chores will reduce damage to the free edge of the natural nail.

If nails split or peel, smooth the free edge by gently filing in one direction with a 240-grit file.

Protect with top coat or nail polish.


Natural nails are porous and absorbent, which makes them stain easily. Many factors, such as age, smoking, UV damage, pigments from nail polish or cosmetics, self-tanning products, or garden debris, may cause nails to discolour.  If you will be coming into contact with any agent that may cause staining, consider wearing gloves. Keeping nails hydrated with nail and cuticle oil will prevent the nails from absorbing unwanted pigments.  Talk to your nail technician about options for removing stains.

Cracks and Breaks

If a nail has completely broken off, gently file the free edge with a fine-grit file to smooth.

If the nail is partially broken or cracked, you can perform a simple repair, until you can see your nail technician for a more permanent solution.

Gently remove polish. Swipe on a small amount of brush-on nail glue over the crack and let dry.

For more support, a small piece of fibre cut from an unused tea bag or coffee filter may be adhered with nail glue over the crack, effectively creating a semi-permanent wrap.

Using tweezers to handle the small piece of fibre may make placement over the crack easier.

Let the brush-on nail glue dry thoroughly before polishing.

Apply base coat, nail polish, and top coat.

This repair can easily be soaked off in acetone by your nail technician and replaced with a professional repair.

Call and schedule a professional repair as soon as possible. Your nail technician may want you to come in a few minutes early to soak off the temporary repair.

If a break is so severe that it results in an open wound, treat it as you would any cut and seek medical attention if necessary.  Do not attempt to repair a nail that has been seriously injured or includes an open wound.