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Waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, nails (acrylic & gel), Minx, Smile White teeth whitening, eyelash & eyebrow treatments, botox, fillers, peels,  hopi ear candling, male grooming and more…. Reduce the Pain of Waxing:

 Dull the nerves

About 15 minutes prior to waxing apply a numbing spray (can be purchased at any chemists). Take an aspirin or ibuprofen about 30 - 45 minutes before your wax. This is especially helpful when getting waxed above the lip, chest, bikini and genital areas - which top the list as the most pain-provoking areas.

Use an experienced waxing professional

It doesn't mean just anybody licensed (like an aesthetician or cosmetologist), but someone also experienced. They will use the wax best suited for the hair, apply the right thickness of wax, hold the skin taut, and pull in the right direction. This is important for any waxing, but more crucial when receiving a bikini wax, especially a Brazilian.

Apply some heat

Take a warm (not hot) shower or use a warm compress just prior to waxing, it will open up the skin pores and allow the hair follicles to come out easier.

Use a body scrub

While the skin on the face is generally exfoliated enough in terms of waxing, the body needs a little extra help. A somewhat gritty body scrub will help rid dead cells around skin pores and hair follicle, providing an easier exit.

Do not apply astringent or toner

These tighten the pores and can make a firmer hold on the hair follicle. So hold off right before waxing.

Do not use ice for numbing

You might think that ice would be great to numb skin and reduce waxing pain. But applying anything cold to the skin tightens pores. It's the same principle as above; we want pores nice and relaxed.

Don't drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol

While having a couple of glasses of wine or beer before getting waxed sounds like a great idea, stimulants in the system can cause skin to be extra sensitive to waxing. Give yourself a couple hours after drinking coffee or alcohol before getting waxed.

Don't tense up

Some people hold their breath or tense their whole body while getting waxed. While it might be easier said than done, breathe deeply - a relaxed person will cope much better with the pain.